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Who is the "feather" fighting with passion

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On June 5-9 COMPUTEX Taipei COMPUTEX was held on the island of Taiwan, whether heyday of artificial intelligence, Internet of things, or gaining momentum of 5 g, block chain, as the annual COMPUTEX exhibition of core shaft, characteristic theme exhibition nowadays hottest technology has been a net the boiling point, overlooks the best platform of the industry's future direction. COMPUTEX founded in 1981, more than 30 years all the way with global ICT industry grow and thrive, witness industrial development and the transformation of the historic moment. The conference attracted more than 1600 domestic and international top manufacturers and new ventures a joyous event, BBS and seminars held more than 100 games. With tai yi to help with the latest development of Intel ® Purley at COMPUTEX exhibition platform server series products.

6月5日-9日台北国际电脑展COMPUTEX在宝岛台湾隆重举行,无论是如日中天的人工智能、物联网,还是蓄势待发的5G、区块链,作为COMPUTEX展会每年的核心主轴,特色主题展一直是网罗时下最热科技沸点、眺望产业未来风向的最佳平台。COMPUTEX创办于1981年,30多年来一路与全球 ICT 产业一同成长、茁壮,见证产业发展与转变的历史性时刻。本次大会吸引了1600多家国内外顶尖厂商及新创企业共襄盛会,举办论坛和研讨会超过100场。同泰怡助携最新开发的Intel® Purley平台服务器系列产品亮相COMPUTEX展。
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