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AOI inspection equipment and SMT

Release time:2019-12-12     Browse:2583

Market analysis of AOI inspection equipment for global surface mounting technology


The increasing complexity of electronic assembly will promote the demand for this research and analysis in the global SMT inspection equipment market development opportunities and current trends. The increasing complexity of electronic assembly and miniaturization of components promote the demand for SMT inspection equipment.  

The study included a detailed analysis of automatic optical inspection (AOI), solder paste inspection (SPI) and X-ray inspection equipment. The demand for double-sided circuit boards is growing, and the demand for X-ray inspection equipment is expected to exceed that of AOI and SPI equipment. Research content includes product, region, technology and competition analysis to provide more accurate market intelligence for each market segment to help the company make decisions.

AOI optical inspection equipment - process AOI optical inspection equipment assembled with SMT is an indispensable automatic inspection equipment for SMT process quality inspection. It has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and no missing inspection. Is SMT production and processing quality assurance. Guarantee. SMT assembly process is closely related to each process step before welding, including capital investment, PCB design, component weldability, assembly operation, flux selection, temperature / time control, solder and crystal structure, etc.

Offline AOI automatic optical detector ekt-vt-680

Equipment specifications

Applicable PCB

Applicable process

Check the circuit board after SMT solder paste printing and reflow soldering, it can detect that multiple PCBs can be detected on both sides at the same time, and multiple PCBs can be detected at the same time

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