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The steps of AOI daily maintenance should be as follows

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First understand the following steps:

1. Know the AOI, understand its performance and uniqueness

2. Understand the key components and general principles

III. Understand the equipment operating system

4. About the fault point, the first to focus on a particular problem

. 5. Complete block theory (such as power, control, interface, etc.)

VI. General principles and testing

The common failures and solutions

A common fault of AOI (a) repair the hard disk

1. The hard drive is to run the program time is slow, and accompanied by collapse;

2, AOI startup screen tip can't find the hard disk;

Click is 3, hard disk, the system cannot be started; Burning and smoking;

5. Restore data, such as accidental deletion, formatting and recovery, partitioning, virus intrusion, etc.

Solution: the backup data, reinstall the system

(2) the common faults repair AOI keyboard

1, AOI keyboard a key failure;

2, the water into the keyboard;

3, the keyboard will automatically repeat button.

Solution: replace the keyboard

(3) maintain industrial common faults of computer battery (UPS)

1, AOI (UPS) battery does not charge;

2, unable to open the battery;

3. The battery can charge and discharge time is very short.

Solution: replace the new battery

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