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What is the impact of AOI test equipment and integrated wiring on smart home?

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AOI test equipment and integrated wiring are very important for smart home

Integrated cabling is very important for smart home

The complete and delicate decoration of modern buildings can not ignore integrated wiring. First, thoughtful wiring can bring many practical purposes for families. For example, in the future, multiple computers in the family can access the Internet at the same time. Several TVs in the family share a DVD player. Music or movies downloaded to the computer can be played directly in the home theater. Secondly, decoration and wiring is a hidden project that cannot be considered. Basically, there is no way to remedy it. Third, the home generic cabling has a certain degree of professionalism, which needs professional guidance and construction.  

Home integrated wiring mainly refers to weak current. I believe many people still remember that many years ago, the power consumption of dozens of people in a house was determined by a thin fuse. Today, of course, that situation is gone forever. More and more household appliances, televisions, computers, DVDs, telephones, stereos, etc. related to weak current wiring Most of them are not just one, but two or three, and there will be a variety of smart refrigerators and washing machines. Future. The solution is very simple. Leave the outlet in the desired position and mimic the distribution box. Use low current distribution box

As an integral control box to manage various information outlets. Clear and easy to use. This standardized weak current wiring can be centralized and controlled like a powerful distribution box for future use and maintenance. The second is to configure different functional modules in the junction box so that the wiring can achieve the functions we need.

At present, developers regard general three bedroom or four bedroom units as powerful units (i.e. various switches and sockets). Each room is equipped with switches and sockets, which are centrally distributed by the distribution box. Unless there is a major modification in the decoration process, there will not be much change in general, and in many cases, strong current can be connected in parallel. Considering the location of household appliances and the current capacity of the production line, developers have arranged switches, sockets and cables, which can easily and cheaply arrange solid parts. If the position changes greatly, the original socket, switch and cable can be used under reasonable design. In the transformation of strong current, the wiring of lamp may have many changes. All kinds of wall lamp, ceiling lamp, cupboard lamp will have more changes. In this regard, the owner should have a spectrum with full consideration of its cost performance.


The weak power cord is different from the strong power cord. First of all, developers don't think too much about it. Some of these costs are involved, such as cable TV viewing fees and Internet access fees for multiple computers. The layout is adequate; secondly, unlike the available power supply, it is more professional in this respect. There are some problems in weak current, such as signal attenuation and network setting. Users need professional guidance. Third, the integrated wiring of weak current is still a new concept, which has not been considered by many owners. 


In wiring, whether strong or weak, early planning is the most important. It not only affects the convenience of future use, but also affects today's cabling costs involving the original cable. Whether it can be fully utilized.

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