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Color online 3 d solder paste inspection machine, double projection optical system + 2 d ring light source, high speed, high resolution camera, simple and clear user interface


The combination of 2 d and 3 d, reduced the shadow image, and with high performance with high precision 3 d images of the camera, guarantee the precision of test and quickness.

High speed, high resolution camera

We can improve the speed of the camera detection, to achieve a single projection optical system is the same speed and performance, and the camera resolution has 10 15 um, um, um 20 optional.

Simple and clear user interface

We develop the Gerber Editor, friendly interface, convenient programming, reduce the time to edit and modify the data, the same interface can display all commonly used functions, avoids problems with various interface to switch back and forth, fast and simple interface can be suitable for any level operators.

True color 3 d image display

The usual way of solder paste inspection can only detect the height above the screen printing, but our TROI equipment through a unique ColorXX patent technology of 3 d algorithm, solves this problem, so as to accurately find zero datum. In addition, you can display any rotation Angle of the 3 D images of solder paste, easier to let the user see clearly vivid PAD images, to avoid the operator with PCB confirm the trouble.

High precision piezoelectric motor

XY piezoelectric motor is adopted to achieve the accuracy of plus or minus 10 um.

A 64 - bit Windows 7 operating system

In order to cooperate with high density PCB and using fast and stable 64 - bit operating system.

The SPC project management system

The SPC system can analyze the bad data, make engineering control problems and production condition be clear at a glance.

SPC data report can output the HTML. Excel or lmage format, the user can save the format as required.

Unmanned automation system

SPI with presses and placement machine to communicate with one another

Synchronous SPI can get Bad Mark information to the SMT machine.


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