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The industry's unique Eagle 3D AOI of 10 project perfectly eliminates the problems of reflection, dead angle and shadow, and can measure up to 25 mm of components.


Without a shadow of 3 d technology

Completely eliminate components with high density, high components on PCB's shadow

Check the optical font

Use colored smoke color, and set up the principle of sample than identify component Part Name.

Able to add and modify the OCR font to optimize Part Name testing conditions, better identify fonts

3 d solder height measurement

Use our advanced 3 d technology, EAGLE 3 d AOI can detect areas of traditional 2 d AOI cannot reach

Increase the solder height, volume and component test project of coplanar, greatly improving the detection ability of defective product

3 d pin detection

EAGIE principle of 3 d detection can measure pin solder height and volume, and to provide high quality, true color 3 d images

Element tilt and Angle measurement

Advanced algorithm can automatically extract, separation and detection of diverse components ontology


Unique to the industry and the projection: use advanced 10 the projection of the EAGLE 3 d AOI, perfect eliminate reflections, dead space and shadow problems, able to measure the highest element is 25 mm

The world's leading technical ability:

The projection 10 + 3 Color LED panel (R, G, B)

2 d + 3 d algorithm, the principle of synchronous detection

Using Telecentric Lens in place to ensure that the test precision

High rapid processing data with industrial computer

High precision linear motor

Fast fast detection, programming, debugging

9 mp 15 um 40.5 C ㎡ 45 x45 mm/SEC

No mistakes correct detection

The most simple and easy operation interface

Repeated confirmation, reduce debugging time

Simple programming, convenient debugging

Standard component library functions

Height of 25 mm perfect test and 3 d display

Unique technology capable of accurate detection of 25 mm, and show the perfect 3 d images.

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