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Acm55 sheet cleaner

We promise to achieve perfection in contact cleaning, and therefore create the most advanced sheet cleaning machine in the market today. Acm55 breaks through the limits of innovation and design, and can be applied in many industries.

Acm55 sheet cleaner
Acm55 sheet cleaner
Acm55 sheet cleaner

The most advanced clean sheet machine

We promise is realized in contact cleaning to perfection, and therefore create now on the market the most advanced clean sheet machine. ACM55 broke through the limit of the innovation and design, the setting can have many applications in many industries.

ACM55 including comply with class A lightweight composite rubber roller of ISO 6123. Have our own manufacturing traditional elastic rubber roller, and our original without silicon Nanocleen nanoscale rubber roller sticky dust. These are the important tool, in combination with the world's leading subtle grain cleaning technology, to achieve the most advanced materials processing.

Typical applications

Printed circuit board

Flat panel display

Silk screen printing


Decorative surface

Tablet control

Using ACM55 tablet, you only need a simple training for operators, can obtain high quality control effect. Just touch the screen, you can view the state of the machine, operator instructions, and drawing machine. Multilingual tablet can also eliminate the language barrier.

Operating system

Unlike some cleaning machine, ACM55 no longer requires gears, chains, there will be no noise and debris. You will gain a safe, clean, non-contact magnetic drive system. Compared with the traditional method, it is highly accurate alternatives. Using a stepper motor, we can keep a constant precision.

Conveying system

To use ACM55 processing needed to support system to input, output material process, we provide a series of belt type and the disc conveyor. Adhesive tape type design support both flexible and rigid sheet, and disc type design is hard materials such as glass and aluminum as the goal. Independent drive systems, allows us to provide custom conveyor length, ACM55 seamless integration.


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