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Battery test equipment

Maccor Series 4000 series high precision battery test equipment is a multi-functional, fully automatic, programmable test system, which can be used for research and development and quality control of all kinds of batteries. It is specially produced to meet the needs of every user. The test equipment is controlled by micro-computer with memory, and the test program can be completely downloaded to the test equipment for operation. Through the software, the Set the safe upper and lower limit values of charge and discharge, and the software will automatically control the disconnection of the test circuit after exceeding the set value, so as to achieve the purpose of safety

Battery test equipment
Battery test equipment
Battery test equipment

MACCOR SERIES, 4000 SERIES of test equipment according to actual test need to select channels or more from 8-192 S4000 is a combination of a large current high voltage test system, provides the reference electrode, auxiliary voltage, thermistor, thermocouple type (T, K, J), pressure, auxiliary input resistance, etc. For ac resistance, dc resistance and various kinds of graphics. Manipulation of multichannel parallel can be realized by software; As a constant current charge and discharge or multistage pulse test, such as GSM, CDMA, TDMA (PDC), iDEN, etc.

Areas of application:

Test mobile phone battery, mobile power test, battery materials research, half cell test, three electrode test, pulse function test, the working condition of testing, test, super capacitor button cell test, power battery testing, test battery module, battery pack testing body, electric tool testing, thermal battery test, quality inspection, certification identification test, etc

Technical parameters:

Current range of 1 to 1 mA - 2000 - a range of optional

Current accuracy while 05% FS

2: the current range can be divided into four range 5 a, 5 ma, ma, 150, 150 ua

Current precision 2-0. 01% FS

Voltage range: 5 v - 180 - v, reverse discharge optional - 10 v

Voltage accuracy: 0.02% FS

Rising rate: 500 mu S constant current, up to 20 mu S

Sampling rate: standard for 10 ms, optional 5 ms, 1 ms

The minimum pulse width: 100 mu S

Operating modes: constant current, constant voltage, constant power, constant resistance and ac impedance, and the mode of cyclic voltammograms

Recording mode: can set time, dV, dl, dAh, dWh, dT, dP, the change of dpH records

Constraints: voltage, current, time, voltage, reference electrode voltage, temperature, pressure, dv, dv/dt, d2V/dt2, Ah, Wh, HCAh, HCWh, LHCAh, LHCWh, dt/dt, d2T/dt2, Ph

Data records: standard 200 data points per second

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