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The system automatically identifies the customer BOM and CAD location map. It needs to modify the customer data and generate the detection program in 5 minutes.


Automatic generation of test procedures

System automatically identify customer BOM and CAD drawing, wu need to modify the customer data, 5 minutes to generate test procedures.

Automatically determine the results

System automatically switching test gear, automatic reading value and contrast this with the BOM, automatically decide PASS or NG.

Device query retrieval

Supports a variety of retrieval way, such as display or search without detection device, NG components, a materials issue, etc.

Screen printing, direction, automatic identification of polarity judgment

For chip, diode, and screen printing resistance device, such as through the optical system can automatically determine the screen printing, the direction and the polarity.

Sample function

The standard sample storage. Test with a model substrate don't need to import the data again, system to use.

Reporting capabilities

Test finished, can automatically generate test report, and is equipped with a device image, information of PCBA. Reports can be archived, print, send mail.


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