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Flexia BGA detection system

The system is the most advanced optical detection system at present. It uses a 5 megapixel digital camera and a micro high-resolution optical probe to detect BGA μ BGA, CSP package and flip chip mount solder joints sensitively.

Flexia BGA detection system
Flexia BGA detection system
Flexia BGA detection system

The system is currently the most advanced optical detection system, using 5 million pixel digital camera and miniature high resolution testing optical probe, sensitive to detect the BGA mu BGA, CSP encapsulation and Flip Chip of SMT solder joint. Use zoom lens replacement BGA lens can make the system become a high-resolution video microscope. For PCB, solder, welding plate, scratch, components, test positive. In addition to visual inspection as well as to the BGA component quality control, through the "OptiliaOptipix" software, make it have the function of digital image acquisition and non-contact measuring the function of the geometry, and digital document management functions.

Modular optical system

Flexia BGA testing system is modular and optional features. Standard on BGA system consists of 5 million pixels Flexia Definition and software, digital microscope equipped with a micro optical probe side-view BGA lens, with built-in electronic dimmers and the positive side and back side of light LED light source, the top of the 1-100 - x zoom lens, and specially designed focusing base.

Optical detection and X-ray detection

Flexia BGA testing system can be used as a cost-effective alternative to conventional X-ray detection system, also can be used in conjunction and conventional X-ray detection system. However, unlike traditional X-ray inspection system, Flexia BGA system allows operators to the shape of the solder ball on the BGA component, bridge, excessive flux, and tiny crack, surface defect and deformity, neatness and other welding defects inspection.

Minimum BGA probe, designed for high density PCB design

Subminiature BGA encapsulation of probe size only 0.4 x3.4 mm, need only element around 0.8 mm surplus space, can be on the BGA, mu BGA, or CSP chip packaging the solder ball point clear images generated below.

Multifunctional test system

Besides have overlooked BGA lens, Flexia BGA testing system also contains fixed focal length with ring lights, 100 x eyepiece, and a pair of 1-100 - x high quality can zoom lens, the lens can be printed circuit board, components, and connectors to check on the surface, can also be used to carry out repair work

Electrostatic discharge protection

Flexia video and digital microscope is designed in accordance with the electronic manufacturers, has high flexibility and good image quality, and to save time and cost. Flexia is anti-static system, has passed the epa certification, in accordance with European standards and the international electrotechnical commission standards.

Clear, ultra durable LED light source

All Optilia BGA lens integrates LED light source, has advantages of high brightness, long life. Camera equipped with electronic shutter control at the same time, through the integration of probe light pipe output best white light.

Optional mobile and stationary

Flexia BGA inspection system using compact modular ergonomics design. Device weighs only 200 grams, including B


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