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Horizontal single side 4-pin L4

For those customers who want to have full-automatic flying pin test equipment, and for those who want to get unattended day and night continuous running test, pilot4d L4 means that this is your best solution.

Horizontal single side 4-pin L4
Horizontal single side 4-pin L4
Horizontal single side 4-pin L4

Pilot4D Line:

For those who desire for automatic flying probe test equipment of the customer, for those who wish to obtain the user unattended continuous running test day and night, Pilot4D L4 means that this is your best solution. Equipped with conveyor belt, the SMEMA standard integration makes Pilot4D L4 can connect fully automatic subdivision type loading/unloading board institution or connected on the production line.

It is equipped with four portable electric needle, one foot welding probe and a CCD color camera, providing customers with up to six test resources, can be applied to any test point on the UUT. Fixed simulation test is also equipped with eight extra channels, 16 fixed foot welding probe interface and the user power and its interface, by measuring needle fixed contact with the UUT. The fixed needle positioning in a can rise and fall on the floor, with the operation of the circuit board conveyor belt and stop, fall or rise in fully automated way. For vlsi circuit board segmentation method can be used to test, the biggest circuit board is 540 x 1010 mm (21 "x 39.76") of the circuit board. In ATE cabinets, can also extend out up to 1032 simulated test channel, used as an external needle bed test device (TPM).

Pilot4D L4 test methods and technical features:

FNODE: the network signal analysis on the UUT

The standard analog and digital ICT test

No vector (JSCAN and OPENFIX), testing a variety of IC open circuit and short circuit

After PWMON used in circuit board, electric network analysis

Used to detect circuit board printing line open circuit conduction test

The lack of automatic optical test, used to check components and reverse and network learning function

Equipped with functional testing and boundary scan interface

All of these resources can be synthesized into a single testing program, and the same program can be run in the flying probe test system, also can be used in the external needle bed test device, without any need to modify, as a result, the customer has the largest degree of flexibility, meet the needs of different test quantity.

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