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ICT online testing machine

The off-line ICT board test system is an open test platform for all types of circuit boards. This test system provides a platform for ICT, IC burning, boundary scanning and functional testing.

ICT online testing machine
ICT online testing machine
ICT online testing machine

CheckSum Analyst ems ICT/MDA test system is public testing platform for all types of circuit board. This test system for ICT, IC burning, boundary scan and functional test platform.

On the choice of electric function test is very suitable for digital content and low frequency analog circuit.

System can under the condition of no electricity to test the whole piece of circuit board and the individual components. It USES a dc or complex impedance measurement combined with multi-point isolation and other advanced measuring technique, most of the problems can be found, such as short circuit, open circuit, or the wrong thing. Can find in the safety of the electricity mode of main error, and can give a concrete fault diagnosis information, greatly improving the efficiency of maintenance.

CheckSum test system can be configured from 200 to 2000 test points. TR - 10 test system can add buy CheckSum FUNC - 2 function module, used for functional test. Most standard test system including for additional isolation and the relay drive current test function module.

Product features

• up to 2000 test ICT configuration

• TestJet technology

• boundary scan can choose Asset, Corelis, Goepel and

JTAG technology

Programming, online programming MultiWriter ™ ISP, groups

• integrated CheckSum test system software environment

Convenient, embodying the factory's built-in SPC data system testing tools

Selective CM - 3 calibration validation module can also be used in TR - 10 system, in order to verify the accuracy of the TR - 10 modules. If you need to print out the test report, also can provide CheckSum can be selected printer. TR - 10 ICT/MDA test can detect the open circuit and can be used in SMT components Agilent TestJet technology to detect the polarity of the capacitor. MultiWriter in system programming can also be used to apply to the technology of the board. Analyst ems system software includes a test performed with the operator and programmer interface. This test system software integration test setup, configuration, test development and data analysis. The system software is very comprehensive, including: track, Pareto real-time graphics to find and identify products problem parts. Graphics, X - Bar/Sigma report recognition process or parts change trend. • Panelization Wizard let more plate component in the test system is connected to a single panel generated is convenient. Test window shows a virtual PCB, according to which the board of pass or fail. Login and password protection, can control the access test station special characteristic. • interactive measurement window to test generated within a few hours. CheckSum test system operation simple and quick. Interaction, spreadsheet kind of programming environment allows you to online or remote programming. Generally speaking, the configuration can be in one day

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