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SMT 2017 plate cleaner

Multifunctional online cleaning equipment for surface mounting process.

SMT 2017 plate cleaner
SMT 2017 plate cleaner
SMT 2017 plate cleaner

Unique Teknek cleaning system

SMT 2017 standard configuration, is installed at the same time Teknek Generation II Nanocleen ™ 20.20 elastic rubber roller cleaning, and developed by our pioneering ARLS low electrostatic dust sticky paper used together. Combined with the world first-class cleaning technology and the static control environment, provides for the clients in the SMT SMT meets the demand of cleaning solution. Follow the ESD international standard manufacturing. This product benchmarking answer the end user review and compliance issues.

Electrostatic control

SMT 2017 research and development, completely accords with the international standard of ESD static control. Through Nanocleen ™ 20.20 clean elastic rubber roller and the perfect combination of ARLS low electrostatic dust sticky paper, electrostatic levels to meet the requirements.

Equipment according to the following standards completely grounding:

The ANSI/ESD s6.1-2014

Nanocleen ™ 20.20 + + low ARLS electrostatic dust sticky paper AERO bars at the exit

According to the following standards testing and validation: ANSI/ESD s20.20-2014

Touch screen operator interface

This easy-to-use multilingual touch-screen display products real-time status at any time. By placement for each circuit board preprogrammed data, achieve rapid product transformation. Save the load function can reduce operator participation, increase equipment running time.

Application of pressure

SMT 2017 unique design, with minimal application pressure cleaning circuit boards. Gen II elastic rubber roller clean circuit board surface contact, don't need to put pressure on a circuit board that dust removal. This ensures that the cleaning is circuit board will not damage the embedded circuits and components.

Single brush cleaning equipment use conductive support circuit board, to keep it in the process of cleaning is flat and level.


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