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Vertical double-sided 8-pin V8

Pilot4d V8 is the latest leading product in the field of flying pin test. Its perfect test means can meet the greatest needs of users: ultra-high test speed, small to medium batch test requirements, full test coverage and flexible application.

Vertical double-sided 8-pin V8
Vertical double-sided 8-pin V8
Vertical double-sided 8-pin V8

Pilot4D V8 is the latest led products in the field of flying probe test, perfect testing methods can satisfy user's biggest demand: ultra high test speed, small batch to moderate batch to meet the demand of the test, the test coverage and flexible application. All this, no matter production or manufacturing or servicing customers have the same test can cope with various types of circuit board. But also because of its vertical structure, UUT can be run at the same time flying probe test, highlights the Pilot4D V8 incomparable advantage! In guaranteeing the high speed, high precision, good reliability and measuring needle under the premise of repetitive consistency, not only greatly increase the amount of testing, but also improve the flexibility of use. At the same time, you can configure all of the mobile testing resources, applied to the UUT test. This one-time double-sided flying probe test solution is a very significant technological innovation: it overcome the horizontal test system can not simultaneously double fly fly needle test limits. Pilot4D V8 is equipped with eight movable electrical test probe each side (4), two feet to open welding (Openfix) mobile probe each side (1), two mobile power supply pins each side (1 a), as a result, a total of 14 portable test resource for user to UUT test. And can move the power pin to the user's advantage lies in: without any additional fixed cable, which can give the UUT plugged into a power supply, thus easily on the functional test!

Pilot4D V8 test methods and technical features:

FNODE: the network signal analysis on the UUT

ICT test standard of analog and digital

No vector (JSCAN and OPENFIX), testing a variety of IC open circuit and short circuit

After PWMON used in circuit board, electric network analysis

Used to detect circuit board printing line open circuit conduction test

Defects and reverse automatic optical components on printed circuit boards for testing

The function of the options and boundary scan testing

The plate for a digital device programming

Thermal scanners

Can put all of these test methods and techniques in a test program, this is a major innovation, and means that can be associated with network FNODE and PWMON measurement technology such as into the program, use the effective reduction method of programming and testing time, to provide users with the fault test coverage is high effective and easy to operate the new idea. In addition, because the Pilot4D V8 has all the testing resources, is all because it had the Seica flying probe configuration (single side or double side, 2 or 4 fly needle) as a result, it can run on all other flying probe test system generated any program.

VIP platform

Pilot4D V8 is based on the Seica VIP platform, including innovation of V

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