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Main inspection: internal welding, short circuit, air hole, bubble, crack, and foreign matter inspection.


The characteristics of CT module:

Through at the same time, image acquisition and volume CT reconstruction CT rapid production mode

• super specially built hardware and sotware image acquisition and reconstruction

, 2 d and 3 d model system to quickly switch between curve analysis

, the sample size is 800 mm

The visualization software and customized hardware, allows real-time processing, a total of 3 d model

, through any plane in generating set production, 3 d model to meet the needs of the analysis

• density profile is easy to appear

Specification description:

Equipment overall dimensions: length: 2620 mm;
Width: 1200 mm; Height: 1730 mm

Weight: 3000 kg

Power source: single phase 220-230 - v, 16 a, 50 or 60 Hz


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