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Key Points of Offline PCB Splitter Programming Technology

Time:2022-12-06     Browse:1525

Offline PCB Splitter Programming: (There are three operation methods to choose based on one's own requirements)

1. Conducting physical images through a CCD camera, visually assisting point-to-point cutting points, or manually inputting cutting coordinates;

2. Scan the entire PCBA image board with a CCD camera and display it on the software interface. Directly click on the PCBA cutting point coordinates on the software interface with the mouse;


3. Offline milling cutter slicing machine programming is beneficial for office computers to import Gerber data and create the cutting program in advance. Then, the cutting program is shared with the machine to be transferred (changed) through the MES system, CD or USB drive, which can improve the efficiency of wire transfer (changed) operations; (Mandatory)

Program verification: The entire cutting path can be displayed through the inspection function to determine whether the knife is connected or exposed;

It can simulate and test the entire cutting path, and can be used for trial cutting.